Friday, June 26, 2015

10 Signs of Depression  ! 

Depression  is very much associated to our today's life style . Many of us feel hopelessness, meaninglessness , insecurity - but we must be careful that it does not go for a long time. Depression can lead to many emotional or physical problems if it continues for a long time !

Some of the symptoms of Depression are :

1. Depressed Mood or Irritable - If a person feels sad or empty most of the day !

2. Decrease in Interest pr pleasure - If a person had interest in activity but does not show any interest or pleasure in that activity

3. Significant change in weight - If a person looses weight without any reason .

4. Change in appetite - A person may eat less or may feel more hungry than usual .

5. Change in pattern of activity - He may become slwer than he usually is or may be hyperactive.

6. Tiredness - An individual may have tired feeling

7. Concentration - Concentration of a person may go down . He/ she may have difficulty in concentrating.

8. Guilt - prone - An individual may become guilt- prone and start blaming himself/ herself gor the wrong doings which actually may not be true.

9. Worthlessness - An individual may feel that he has nothing to contribute to his family or others and thus have feeling of worthlessness.

10. Suicidal- An individual may have thoughts of suicide or may have suicidal plan .

Not only adults but children and teenagers may also have depression . About 5% of children and Adolescents suffer from depression at any given point of time. The depression in children may manifest it's symptoms in various ways . It may be deterioration in academic performance, change in interest pattern, may  have irritable mood , anger and hostility,  frequent tearfulness and crying,  withdrawing  from social activities and  getting bored very easily, difficulty with relationships. He / she may have problem in focussing or in making any decision and may have suicidal plans.

Depression can be controlled with right intervention at the right time .  If , it disturbs our daily activities for quite some time ( more than 2 weeks)  then we must consult a professional !

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