Friday, June 26, 2015

10 Signs of Depression  ! 

Depression  is very much associated to our today's life style . Many of us feel hopelessness, meaninglessness , insecurity - but we must be careful that it does not go for a long time. Depression can lead to many emotional or physical problems if it continues for a long time !

Some of the symptoms of Depression are :

1. Depressed Mood or Irritable - If a person feels sad or empty most of the day !

2. Decrease in Interest pr pleasure - If a person had interest in activity but does not show any interest or pleasure in that activity

3. Significant change in weight - If a person looses weight without any reason .

4. Change in appetite - A person may eat less or may feel more hungry than usual .

5. Change in pattern of activity - He may become slwer than he usually is or may be hyperactive.

6. Tiredness - An individual may have tired feeling

7. Concentration - Concentration of a person may go down . He/ she may have difficulty in concentrating.

8. Guilt - prone - An individual may become guilt- prone and start blaming himself/ herself gor the wrong doings which actually may not be true.

9. Worthlessness - An individual may feel that he has nothing to contribute to his family or others and thus have feeling of worthlessness.

10. Suicidal- An individual may have thoughts of suicide or may have suicidal plan .

Not only adults but children and teenagers may also have depression . About 5% of children and Adolescents suffer from depression at any given point of time. The depression in children may manifest it's symptoms in various ways . It may be deterioration in academic performance, change in interest pattern, may  have irritable mood , anger and hostility,  frequent tearfulness and crying,  withdrawing  from social activities and  getting bored very easily, difficulty with relationships. He / she may have problem in focussing or in making any decision and may have suicidal plans.

Depression can be controlled with right intervention at the right time .  If , it disturbs our daily activities for quite some time ( more than 2 weeks)  then we must consult a professional !

Workshop on Social Media Integration of Corporate Communication at GreyMind Communications

by Chawm Ganguly

Training aimed at empowering television journalists to bridge the Traditional- Social Media divide

Conducted a workshop on the Social Media Integration of Corporate Communication where I gave an overview of how the way news is searched, accessed and related to these days and explained ways and means of riding this wave into the future. The audience comprised primarily of the team members of GreyMind Communications – the entity is solely responsible for bringing most of the Football matches that you see live on your screen.
GreyMind is a 10 year old, established, Content Creation cum Media Production House, which is a virtual Prime mover in the field of Sports Production. It has already produced and directed more than 400 Live football matches for 10 Action, ESPN, Zee Sports, Mahuaa Bangla, Star Sports etc and has an enviable library of Exclusive Content. GreyMind is acknowledged as a Concept to Communication, Single Window Plug & Play solution provider with domain-dominating expertise that is spread across platforms – Print, Television and Digital and enjoys total in-house capability along with necessary infrastructure, trained manpower and training facilities. GreyMind enjoys top of mind recall among Sporting Event Organisers, Advertisers, Sponsors and viewers, which makes it a unique player in the world of sports production telecast. As a matter of fact, CFL, IFL, ISL– the GreyMind name is virtually synonymous with football.
(Follow GreyMind on Twitter: @greymind43)