Friday, May 3, 2013

Horizon - a Story

Horizon - a story 

The horizon is the line or that forms the boundary .between earth and sky. The English word “horizon” comes from the Greek word “ horos “ which means “ limit” . The horizon is the limit of one’s vision, beyond which one cannot see.

“Horizon” can also mean the limit of one’s vision of life, one’s outlook on life. “What is the point and purpose of life?”
“why are we born ?”
“What am I doing here ?”” what’s it all about ?

The teacher asked ….
“And what do you see out there?”
“I see horizon.”
“And have you ever walked on the horizon?”
“No, I am too young.”
“Well, someday you will.”
And when I get there what will I find?”
“ when you get there you will discover another horizon- another far beyond.”
“And if I walk again ?”
“And if I walk again?”
“If you walk again you will know that the second horizon is merely a starting place for the third.”

“Will my life then be always losing horizons?”
“ No , of always finding them !”

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